How much budget should I spend on online marketing?

One question we have been coming across a lot is  "So how much does it cost to advertise online? How much should we spend on...

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Who is Milton Digital?


Matthias Pleyer

Expert for
campaigns and

Matthias has more than ten years of experience in online marketing and internationalisation n growth-oriented companies, in the UK and Austria. Before that, he studied linguistics and media in Leipzig / DE and Vienna / AT.


Sasha Bunch

Graphik Design

Sasha attended the Sussex College of Art in England, where she studied graphic design. After that, she worked as a designer for various major media companies for more than ten years. (Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Red Bull Media House). 

We also work with a number of partners. These are translators, copywriters or the Viennese agency GrafikWien, which specializes in creating websites and web shops.