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For the best online performance, it is not enough to set up good campaigns.
Website, design and social media should also be optimized for performance, and tailored to local markets and their specific requirements.
We use our more than 20 years of experience in these areas to create profitable websites and campaigns for our customers.


Search engine marketing, i.e. paid advertising on Google and other search engines. A good presence will bring the right visitors to your website.


On average, advertisers on Google earn 2 euros in sales with euro spend.


Social media marketing - your activities on Facebook, Instagram and Co. are ideally well coordinated with your website and offline campaigns.


91% of the use of social media takes place on smartphones.


We are happy to help with a website or webshop. Together with our partners, we regularly implement performance-oriented website projects.

Grafik Design

Logo design, banners, animations or your new corporate design. We have more than ten years of experience in design and are happy to advise you.


Approximately. 30% of all companies use the color red in their logo.

Who is Milton Digital?


Matthias Pleyer

Expert for
campaigns and

Matthias has more than ten years of experience in online marketing and internationalisation n growth-oriented companies, in the UK and Austria. Before that, he studied linguistics and media in Leipzig / DE and Vienna / AT.


Sasha Bunch

Graphik Design

Sasha attended the Sussex College of Art in England, where she studied graphic design. After that, she worked as a designer for various major media companies for more than ten years. (Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Red Bull Media House). 

We also work with a number of partners. These are translators, copywriters or the Viennese agency GrafikWien, which specializes in creating websites and web shops.

What do our first steps together look like?

You are planning to enter the DACH region or other European markets? 

Do you already have active campaigns, but want to have them looked after externally?

Whatever your situation, this is usually how we get started together.

First chat

We take the time to understand your business model and goals.


We analyze the potential for your business model and create an initial plan.

Campaign launch

We implement the agreed measures and regularly check their effectiveness.


We monitor the performance of the campaigns in relation to the achievement of your goals.


We optimize the campaigns at regular intervals in order to achieve most of the budget.

What do others say about us?

Customer orientation, transparency and a truly international focus are part of our values. Our customers appreciate this. We are very happy about the good business relationships that have developed since our foundation in 2020. EN

Frequently asked questions

What does SEM mean?

SEM is the abbreviation for Search Engine Marketing.

So it's primarily about paid advertising in search engines, be it Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu or DuckDuckGo.

Through targeted campaigns, advertisers can quickly place themselves on the first results for specific and relevant search terms.

SEM is often mentioned in connection with SEO, but it is very different from SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about optimizing your own website in such a way that the search engines rank your own page among the first results.

If a good ranking is achieved, this can often bring many new visitors to the website.

These additional visitors are not "free", however, because the measures to bring a website into the first organic search results usually cost a lot of time and therefore money.

What are the tasks in search engine marketing?

The tasks in search engine marketing are diverse. And they also differ depending on the maturity of a campaign. While keyword research and bid adjustments are the focus of a new campaign, later it is often the testing of text ads, campaign structures and landing pages (conversion optimization).

Here is an overview of some of the most important tasks in search engine marketing:

Campaign creation: The creation of ad groups, lists of search terms and text ads
Keyword research: The more extensive the keyword list in a campaign, the more traffic it can bring to a website. But watch out: A list of negative keywords, i.e. negative search terms, should also be built up.

Bid adjustments: Especially in the initial phase, it is important to find the right CPC (cost per click) for each search term in order to achieve a positive ROAS (return on ad spend).

Competitor analysis: Various measures should be used to regularly research which search terms are used by competitors. Depending on the relevance, you can then test this in your own campaign.

What opportunities does SEM offer businesses?

The great opportunity that SEM offers is that you present your company to potential customers at exactly the right moment.

Anyone using a search engine is, by definition, looking for results. Be it for products, service providers, people or the like.

Being present at this critical moment and possibly also making a suitable offer can make all the difference.

Especially when there are no organic rankings (yet), advertising in search engines can bring relevant visitors to a website very quickly.

In the next step, you can often use the results from SEM campaigns and use them as a reference and even a source of ideas for search engine optimization (SEO).

What is the role of Google Ads?

As the world's largest search engine (with the exception of a few countries), Google dominates search engine advertising with its SEM solution Google Ads.

Where did the name Milton come from?

For a few years we lived on Milton Road in the north London; we associate it with fond memories.

In the meantime, Milton was even considered as a name for one of our children.

So now, Milton has entered the family as the name of our company.